Interest Areas

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Mapping Legal Changes

Fall 2019 - Ongoing

I am working on several projects designed to visualize how laws and programs are implemented -- and how far we diverge from what is intended.


Cross-Disciplinary, Intersectional, Multi-Focus Lenses

Fall 2018 - Ongoing

Social problems are hard. I believe any real attempt at a solution requires an interdisciplinary approach -- and, more than likely, an interdisciplinary team. 

I entered the nonprofit legal services world with several diverse educational perspectives in my pocket. I've worked to add more diverse experiences and to connect to people in diverse fields to find ways to collectively understand and move issues forward.

Currently, I'm deeply involved in working to figure out how to make the system for providing medical certificates (helps people who are sick not get their utilities shut off) better. This issue connects housing, utilities, and health folks.

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Strategy & Systems Change

2009 - Ongoing

There is much that is good and should be celebrated in the nonprofit world. There is also much that is resistant to change and seems to come from more of a defensive posture due to funding and political concerns. Understanding that funding and political concerns cannot be avoided, I'm working to understand how organizations can best balance those concerns with the need to take risks and be innovative if we are really seeking to make substantive changes for people.