"Where there is no vision the people perish".

When I was in high school I adorned my bedroom walls with posters, postcards, the art of friends, and a few key messages. One of them was the line from Proverbs -- "Where there is no vision the people perish." These words have echoed in my mind for decades. 

Too often, talking about vision brings up images of a painful exercise led by consultants. Or, as some statement that is so vague that it is pointless. Neither has to be true. If you have a crappy vision -- it isn't because vision is pointless, it is because you didn't do the work you needed to make it meaningful.

In good times, vision a gentle breeze that helps you sail toward your goal. In bad times it can be a faint light in the distance that helps you find your way.  In moments of upheaval, there is simply no other way forward. Without vision, the people perish.

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